Monday, September 27, 2010

Late post

My apologies I haven't had time to post anything, it has been a rather hectic week full of tests, quizzes, homework, and of course booze. Two quizzes this week one in bio the other in algebra, and a test in Unix and Linux networking. On the weekend I had some minor homework along with a paper, plus my sister was in town for her birthday so of course we had to party it up. Anyway I'm running out of topics to discuss on here, so I'll let you all decide. Leave a comment below.

If you haven't seen this video then you've been missing out this one is a classic.
i love how he just olays' that dude to the mat at 1:12. If this "preacher" was Mexican I'm sure he would do a hat dance around the guy.

Still not convinced he is batshit crazy? Here is a woman who claims her tumor was removed, and he knocks her out just for good measure not just once but twice.